Birch Bark Skin And Beer Blood

good night

*starts playing strife* ahh yes… my aesthetic

im tired and feelin sick hey

cerbee replied to your post: happy birthday boner man

national b0nerman day

happy birthing day you sentient banana

happy birthing day you sentient banana

spookyskellington replied to your post: horrible

youre just jealous cause you wont even be born until the year 6969

im still able to post that because in my time zone its 2 hours to midnight

when youre turning 16 in 2 hours and you never got a chance to use “hi im 15 and im kinda pissed off”

ghostlyvoyage replied to your post:tetsup replied to your post: SHIT BRO HAPPY BIRTHDAY FUCK!!!!

i hope you dont got anything to do today cause this is the most important day of the year

tetsup replied to your post: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BANANA

get ready for a whole day of bananas